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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I receive when I join Passport America?

You will receive the Passport America International 50% Discount Camping Directory (over 480 pages), your personalized 50% Discount travel card, Decal, and a Free Online Subscription to the RV America Magazine (the official Passport America club magazine, a $12.00 value). Plus access to numerous programs, discounts, and benefits created exclusively for Passport America RV Discount Camping Card.

What are the prices to join Passport America?

Passport America is not only the original 50% Discount Camping Club and the Largest network of Quality Campgrounds of its kind but is also the lowest price.
  • One Year RV Discount Camping Card only $44
  • Two Year RV Discount Camping Card only $79 (10% savings)
  • Three Year RV Discount Camping Card only $109 (17% savings)

What does my Passport America RV Discount Camping Card cover?

Your Passport America card will save you 50% off the regular rate of campsites in participating campgrounds across North America. All rates are listed in the International Camping Directory.

How will I know about new campgrounds & resorts that join  Passport America?

Each and every year Passport America publishes an all new Camping Directory. However, you will also receive online access to the quarterly magazine, RV America, with a listing of new Passport America parks and changes to existing parks. Also, you have 24-hour access our website which is updated frequently.

If I join Passport America for more than one year will I receive a new directory each year?

Yes. Upon request you will receive one directory for each year that you join. Our camping directory is printed and released in January of each year. You may pick up a directory at our office or have one shipped for a small fee. Our online directory is also available 24/7.

How long can I stay at a Passport America participating campground for the discounted rate?

Each park is individually owned and operated. The length of stay is determined by the park owner. This information is provided for you in the directory.

Does the Passport America price include hook-ups?

Yes, some have full hook-ups with electricity & water with comfort station and some have electricity, water & sewer hookups.

Am I guaranteed a campsite?

No. Access to Passport America campgrounds are on a space available basis.

How often can I use my Passport America card?

As often as you like, for the term of your RV Discount Camping Card!

Are there any charges other than my annual fee or any commitments on my part?


Will I be compensated anything for referring new members to Passport America?

Yes! You will receive a $10 certificate on your next Passport America RV Discount Camping Card renewal for each person that you refer who becomes a member. Call 1.800.681.6810 for details.

Do we have to make reservations?

All of our parks are individually owned and operated. Most of our parks you can just drive on in when traveling. However, some of our parks recommend reservations while others require them. This information is listed for each park in the directory.

What are the procedures for staying in a Passport America campground?

Prior to making reservations, if required, or when arriving at the park, mention being a Passport America card holder and present your Passport America Card. For any specific requirements, check the particular parks information in the directory.